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current inspiration


type tuesday: Do Good Work

Jay Roeder

Andrei D. Robu

Austin Kleon


type tuesday: the ultimate letter shelf


bookshelf by Kayiwa


type tuesday: The Heads of State at TypeCon

The Heads of State are masters of saying a lot with very little—and without sacrificing style or visual interest. They're special presenter's at this summer's TypeCon in Milwaukee:

"For ten years, Jason Kernevich and Dustin Summers have been working together as The Heads of State for clients as diverse as The New York Times, Starbucks, the School of Visual Arts, Penguin, and bands like R.E.M., Wilco, and The National. Throughout those years they’ve had an up and down relationship with typography. This talk will feature various typographic tales in which our heroes fall in love with letters, rebel against fonts, forsake letterforms to become illustrators, and then beg for forgiveness."

Are you going to TypeCon this year? We're looking for a few correspondents to report back for the blog. Leave us a comment with your website or send us an email for more details.


type tuesday: Synthese

Synthese, a new release from the Parisian foundry Bureau des affaires typographiques.


type tuesday: Pentagram at 40

The international design company Pentagram recently turned 40. To mark this anniversary, the nineteen current partners designed posters for each of those years. The only rule for the design was the use of black, white and red. To view all 40 posters, visit the company's blog.


The one with the bird

Issue 12 is just about sold out! Need to get a copy to complete your set? Started with UPPERCASE at Issue #13? Pick up the issue that focused on creative adventures.


Featured Stockist: ideal-Carefully Curated Goods

UPPERCASE stockist ideal-Carefully Curated Goods has once again partnered with Western Washington University's Industrial Design on ReMade 2012. This annual design challenge sees students producing innovative products from consumer or manufacturing waste with an eye to recyclability, life cycle analysis and design for production.

Larisa Schulze created the Ouch Cold Compress from scraps of waterproof marine upholstery, a dipped collar and a cork stopper.
Happily, for those of us who don't live in Bellingham, ideal has an online shop.


Subscriber Profile: Amanda Kelshaw

How are you creative in your daily life? Being a very project-focussed person by nature, I'm often frustrated by need to really nail any one creative pursuit at a last week seemed to be about learning about letterpress, next week I'm sharpening up my CS5 skills. And it was vintage Vogue reproductions prior to that.

What are you most curious about?
What makes people tick.

What is your most prized possession?
I recently stumbled across (and promptly grabbed, well, paid for that is) a set of pretty lovely 1960 'Home' Magazines. It boasts brand new types of linoleum, appliances and project homes from the time. An absolute treasure trove.

What is your favourite letter of the alphabet and why?
A little biased, but I do find a good serif capital A to be pretty satisfying. It seems quite intent on letting you know that there's only really one for it to be properly formed and therefore legible.

What is your favourite colour?
Grey. Yes, gunmetal. Cliched but true.

What is your preferred creative tool?
A close call between my hands and my eyes. When limited by time (and/or small people), I sometimes Samantha nose-twitch an idea until I can get my hands on the project in real life!


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Call for submissions: Pixel Perfect


From the traditional pixels of needlecraft to offline renderings of our ubiquitous screens, the pixel motif can be interpreted in creative ways. Submit your perfect pixels to UPPERCASE and they might be published in our fall issue. Files should be at least 6 inches wide at 300dpi, uploaded here and named "lastname-firstname-01.jpg". Please include a word document with your full name, contact info and a few sentences about you and your piece. Deadline: July 15.

Image credits: Pillow by My Bearded Pigeon, pendant by Red Gate Stitcher, plastic flower by Yesteryears Muse, felt flower by Pxlpshr, cross stitch by Handcrafted or Vintage, flowers by Pixel Party.


Hexagrid skin

We've written about our love of hexagons and hexagrids before, in Issue 9 of UPPERCASE Magazine. This hexagrid wall of aperatures from The Greey Eyl: simple and elegant. But each is really a tiny robot, with sensors, a motor, and an iris, each attacting autonomously but responding to related stimuli.


Creatives reality

'Pitch' can mean many things-there are camping connotations and musical connections to the word. (In the upcoming issue #14 we'll explore some of the sporting links.) In the competitive world of advertising 'the pitch' amounts to a multi-million dollar job interview.

This week AMC's show The Pitch finished its first season. This reality show without any psychopaths, histrionics or back-stabbing is rather refreshing in our modern times. Each episode simply features two agencies going head-to-head for a new client. It was fascinating to see the process these creatives took to solving the problems of their potential clients.

Episodes are still available and extended content can be found on the AMC site.


Issue 14 will be shipping soon

We're compiling the big mailing list for the next issue—get your new subscription or renewal in asap to ensure that you get the new issue as quickly as possible!

Issue #14 is about creative play: wordplay, concrete poetry, the typography of sport, plus a BIG feature about creative careers in children's books. 

In my house, the children's book "I Want My Hat Back" is a favourite. I love the simplicity of the layout and design and we all love the story about a bear searching for his stolen hat. Written and illustrated by Jon Klassen, I knew that Jon's combination of simplicity and sophistication was just the thing for our next cover. We are very fortunate that Jon created the playful cover of our summer issue.

Here's an animated preview of "I Want My Hat Back". Note the turtle!

UPPERCASE Issue #14 will be released in July. 


Creative ideas with Helmut Smit

Rainbow, 2010, acrylic paint

Plant three trees with cyan, magenta and yellow blossom in a triangle. When the blossom drops, the colors mix.

Materials: CMYK soft drinks (Cyan – Gatorade Cool Blue / Magenta – Fernandes Cherry Bouquet / Yellow – Orangeade / Black – Coca-Cola), jerrycans, socle, cup dispenser

Universal FlagTime well spent exploring Rotterdam-based artist Helmut Smit.


Seat assignment

Nina KatchadourianArtist Nina Katchadourian uses her in-flight time on Seat Assignment:  

While in the lavatory on a domestic flight in March 2010, I spontaneously put a tissue paper toilet cover seat cover over my head and took a picture in the mirror using my cellphone. The image evoked 15th-century Flemish portraiture. I decided to add more images made in this mode and planned to take advantage of a long-haul flight from San Francisco to Auckland, guessing that there were likely to be long periods of time when no one was using the lavatory on the 14-hour flight. I made several forays to the bathroom from my aisle seat, and by the time we landed I had a large group of new photographs entitled Lavatory Self-Portraits in the Flemish Style. I was wearing a thin black scarf that I sometimes hung up on the wall behind me to create the deep black ground that is typical of these portraits. There is no special illumination in use other than the lavatory's own lights and all the images are shot hand-held with the camera phone. At the Dunedin Public Art gallery, the photos were framed in faux-historical frames and hung on a deep red wall reminiscent of the painting galleries in museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

Brilliant! {via SwissMiss}


type tuesday: lettering on a bottle

Poster by Michael Spitz


type tuesday: more letters on bottles

More bottles from The Vintage WallI have a collection of old bottles found at my family's prairie farm. They're on a basement window sill, gathering dust at the moment. Time to bring them upstairs to hold some greenery or flowers...


type tuesday: bottle it

Type Necklace by Laura Tarrish

Wear a secret message close to your heart in this tiny bottle containing a jumble of paper letters. Compose a message or select up to 50 letters plus a charm. Made by Work/Life 2 contributor Laura Tarrish.


Collecting: Vintage by Degrees

Paper-mounted thermometers were popular advertising giveaways (back in the day when telephone digits were oh-so-simple). Pastoral scenes with sheep and mountains told the temperature courtesy of the local funeral parlour, while plump babies and fluffy puppies decorated those for dairies and grocers. This fancy number, above, with silver foil and embossing was the proud token of customer appreciation from the Carleton Bros. Watchmakers and Jewellers.

I've created a Treasury on Etsy of vintage temperature devices. 

















Treasury tool supported by the dog house



Weather vanes

From issue #13: No matter which way the wind blows, a weather vane (also known as a weathercock for its traditional cockerel motif) is usually more decorative than functional. A common motif in rustic kitchens and 60s kitsch, its arrowed silhouette adorns tea towels, plates, Pyrex and barkcloth curtains. 

We had a giveaway for this vintage tea towel and a vintage thermometer (you have to read the magazine for the details on how to win—there's a giveaway in each issue) and Dale P. in Calgary is our winner!


1 step closer 2 14

If you weren't following the @uppercasemag twitter feed yesterday you missed out on some Issue #14 tidbits. As we send the last few changes to the printer today the excitement is palpable.


Issue #14 excitement is palpable. The file's been sent to the printer and the last changes have been made. Soon it will be in the hands of our subscribers and on the shelves of our stockists.

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Going over the proofs of issue 14 Vangool
@uppercasemag *gulp* It will feel good to get that off to the press!Jon Adrian
Finally subscribed to @uppercasemag So inspirational! I already can't wait for Issue 14 :)Lady Ott
Some of the best studio shots we've ever published: Oliver Jeffers by @jencausey Vangool
Just renewed my subscription to @uppercasemag - looking forward to the next 4 issues! #uppercase #printsnotdeadMatthew Marosz
RT @uppercasemag: @rena_tom The ABCs of DIY Marketing in issue 14 (July) Tom
Thanks Janine! :)) So excited to be part of issue 14! Can't wait to get my hands on one! “@uppercasemag: @LisaCinar”Lisa Cinar
The abecedary took two full days to photograph and design. Vangool
@sushipot Collection of blocks Vangool
I am so inspired by @uppercasemag. What could be better than a magazine for the creative & curious? Today: dreaming about writing for them.Katie
Petit Collage page! Vangool