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Located in Art Central
Upper Level
corner of 7th Ave SW & Centre St
Downtown Calgary



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current inspiration


type tuesday: under the weather

by Ed Nacional


type tuesday: rainy day

by Toko


type tuesday: weather calendar

by Johnathan Davies


type tuesday: pod and iPad by Kapitza

This may not look like a font, but Kapitza's vector art is set up as a font file so that you can customize to your heart's content. Rather than providing predetermined arrangements like typical clip art, the font format allows for more creativity.

Click to read a review on Eye's blog.The Kapitza sisters have a new book featuring their organic patterns (and a pattern-generating iPad app as well.) You can read our article about Kapitza in issue #9.


type tuesday: Rain

by Posh Graffiti


Paper sown

Valentina's planted issue # 12 insert.

Valentina, a subscriber from Argentina, sent in pictures of her planted insert from issue #12.

Valentina writes, "I'm so in love with the magazine! When it arrives home I jump all over the place (literally)!"


Go to nature


Subscriber Elaine Eppler shared this image of the issue #12 subscriber insert on her blog.

I stumbled across this quote on Elaine's blog which felt right for this lovely Spring day.

"I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order." - John Burroughs



Lupin seeds in Erin's kitchen.

Would you like to share your curosity or creativity with us?

Monday is Guest Post Day on UPPERCASE and we are always on the hunt for the freshest ideas. Please contact Erin if you would like to participate.



Happy Easter

Pantone Eggs by Jessica Jone (How About Orange)The Pantone motif is a simple designer icon that lends itself to parody, play and product design. Jessica Jones has made Pantone eggs by dipping them in dye and creating the type by printing onto inkjet temporary tatoo paper.

I'd like to thank Jessica for sharing one of her other DIY project photos in the current issue. I compiled art and craft inspired by the elements (sun, wind, temperature) and featured her project of using Inkodye to make sun prints on fabric.

Hmm.... I wonder if you could sunprint an Easter egg? Maybe next year...


Party people

Thanks to everyone who came to visit. It was heartening to see such a nice turnout since it has been a while since I've been able to put so much effort into an event. (Click the photo above to see more images in Flickr.)


Party gold

Our silver-lined clouds offered these UPPERCASE pots of gold as prizes. I found some nice acrylic wedding favour boxes and filled each with a selection of golden beads, sequins, pins and papers.These gold seals are from an office supply company and I used my custom embossing seal. It pays to be a packrat, since I had these gold stickers lying around for years.


B, eye, n, G, oh

Since this issue talks about luck and good fortune, we had games of chance to entertain.I even purchased daubers for the occasion.Finley had fun spinning the BINGO wheel.We played a few rounds after the crowds dwindled.


Crave Cupcakes

Cupcakes were ordered from Crave Cupcakes. (They have a subscription to the magazine!)


Then a busload arrived...

A literal busload of students from the University of Lethbridge came by at 6pm for a brief presentation about the magazine design. Thank you, Emily, for arranging the tour. Eleanor snapped these shots.


Party prep

Eleanor and I were quite happy with how the clouds turned out! Here's Eleanor standing in for a test shot.Lately I've been dressing to match issue #13's colour scheme... actually, I think it might be the other way around... For those with keen memories, you might recall the polka dot umbrella featured in issue #1.


Bird's eye view

I borrowed the ladder to set up the decor and repair a few lights. It is nice to see the bookcase with its orange glow once again.While I was up there, I took a few aerial shots of the studio since everything is freshly spring-cleaned.It feels quite spacious from up here with a wide angle lens!Ah, my orange couch and the huge coffee table book about Alexander Girard. Two things that I never have time to sit and enjoy. Better climb down from here and do more party prep!


Silver moments

I have lots of photos to edit from Thursday's Lucky 13 party, but I wanted to make this video first. Having this souvenir makes all the work of organizing and decorating worthwhile. Sometimes I only have eyes for my little guy.


Featured Stockist: Ray Stitch, Islington

London is lucky this year. The Olympics, The Queen's Diamond Jubliee, and a chance to spend an evening crafting and conversing with Janine!

Ray Stitch in Islington opened back in September and have been stocking UPPERCASE and Dottie Angel since the beginning. They also have copies of issue #13 available now.

I particularly love these Mini-Cross Stitch kits they have created to celebrate the Diamond Jubliee. I am a fan of all things Royal Family and have stashed away a set of matching tea cups from The Wedding last summer.


Simple threads

Last summer, I volunteered to help Janine with a project. She promptly shipped over a box of thread and cards for me to wind. Quinn slept beside me in the shade of our big poplar, Anderson played in the dirt—as only a preschooler can—and I wound and wound and wound. In a summer of changes for our family it was a quiet moment of simplicity.

If you haven't already secured your first edition copy of Dottie Angel, now is the time. The first edition of this popular publication, with all the hand-assembled goodies, vintage buttons and fabric, is almost sold out. A second edition is in the works and will feature a pull out poster.


Subscriber Profile: Cheryl Sorg

A personalized thumbprint portrait by Cheryl Sorg.

How are you creative in your daily life?  
Well, I am an artist, and I spend much of my free time (that time when the kiddos are at school, that is) in my studio, cutting apart bits of text and creating all manner of forms with the snippets.

What are you most curious about?
I am most curious about the workings of the brain.

What is your favourite letter of the alphabet and why?
That is a tough question! Hmmm....I'm not sure. But I can tell you my least favorite, as someone obsessed with playing Boggle on my iPhone, is Q! That Q always messes up my game! I have to confess that when a Q appears on the board, sometimes I just start a whole new game...lame, I know, but true...

What is your favourite colour?
Grey! I love its neutrality and its infinite variationsnot just from light to dark, but how it can be blue-ish, green-ish, purple-ish. My favorite is a grey with a teal cast to it.  

What is your preferred creative tool?
Texts and scissors. I love simple, low-tech materials.

See more in Cheryl's Etsy shop.

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