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It's International Typewriter Day!

Top two cakes by Petit Trianon made in honour of The Regional Assembly of Text's 3rd and 4th anniversaries. The bottom cake is by Debbie Ross Cakes.

June 23 marks the 144th anniversary of the date Christopher Latham Sholes received a U.S. patent on the typewriter. It's International Typewriter Day, so grab your portable and type something! And if you have lots of time and patience... bake a cake!

Gingerbread typewriter by Susanna Blåvarg via Baked Ideas.

An authentic typewriter cake made in 1967.

Readers of this blog and UPPERCASE magazine will know that I have a passion for typewriters. In honour of International Typewriter Day, I invite you to peruse my past typewriter posts.

Reader Comments (1)

Hey there Janine...

You know, I learn't to type at school on a big old black Imperial with gold leaf trim and decoration. It was huge. The keys were heavy and you had to bash them hard. Hitting the A with my left little finger was hard, and they were always faint on the paper. We typed to music that got faster and faster, it was hysterical. My parents bought me a little portable typewriter, then a grown up one later. My first little typewriter was blue, in a matching case and I loved it, I was sad when my parents got rid of it. So, I have been so inspired by seeing all the lovely typewriters I have seen on your site, and that other friends have, I am going to buy and old second hand one, will blog when I have it.

Lorrie :)
June 23, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLorrie
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