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donpostcomm2.jpgDon Post,  kinetic sculptures

See more of Don's amazing kinetic sculptures here. 


robottoby.jpgToby Cougar graduated from ACAD in 2001 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Sculpture. After several years of being abducted by extraterrestrials beings and having biomechanical implants inserted into his brain and vital organs, Toby has now become a Intergalactic Transdimensional Art Conduit, which is working out pretty good for him. Toby also works as a Freelance Illustrator and Fine Artist under his sticker/stationary & character illustration label, YbOt StudiOs, but pays his bills by working as an Art Facilitator for Studio C. (this piece has sold, additional artwork available)  

robotaj.jpgAJ Dimarucot is a 30 year old graphic designer based in Manila, Philippines. As a kid, he drew on walls with a pencil—that was until his mom gave him a good spanking. He now uses a mouse and draws with pixels. He has partnered with graffiti artist Arvin “Caliph8” Nogueras to form CollisionTheory—an experiment to find common ground in the world of design and art. (Digital Prints Available - tryptich $150. Edition of 10.)  

robotdulmadge.jpgMark Dulmadge attended the Alberta College of Art and Design and  graduated from the Visual Communications program in 1993. Shortly after, Mark started his graphic design company. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Storm Design Inc. specializes in corporate identity and branding. In addition to his client projects, Mark works on the occasional illustration project, but spends the majority of his free time creating artwork for his t-shirt company, Factory 69. (Digital print available $120. Edition of 10.)  

robotfraser.jpgDoug Fraser was born in Lethbridge in 1961 and attended the Alberta College of Art & Design in Calgary from 1980-84. He obtained his Masters Degree from the School of Visual Arts, New York, 1984-86. His illustrative “style” of work has beent described as Brütal Sign Painting, Comic Book Social Realism, and or Specific Generics. He works in digital (Adobe Illustrator), and traditional (alkyds on canvas, and drawing materials) media. (Original mixed media, sold)  


Ryan Heshka was born in Brandon, Manitoba and raised in Winnipeg at the end of the “lo-tech” era. Drawing from early influences too numerous to list, he ended up working in the fields of interior design and animation before his current career as an illustrator. Represented in North America, Europe and Asia by Kate Larkworthy Artist Representation Ltd., he resides in downtown Vancouver. (Original paintings, set, available $510)  

robotjensen.jpgJames Jensen is an artist living in Calgary, and is a founding member of Burnt Toast Studio printmaking collective. James’ favorite robots are: ‘K9’ from Doctor Who, ‘Machinen-Mensch’ from Metropolis and ‘Gort’ from The Day the Earth Stood Still. James likes building robots out of Lego, without using those fancy ‘Space Lego’ pieces. (Silkscreened prints on various record covers, three available $225 each, framed)  

robotmike.jpgMike Kerr is a freelance illustrator who has worked for editorial, corporate, institutional, and advertising clients throughout North America. Mike is a graduate of the Alberta College of Art and Design where he is currently an instructor in the Design dept. “I enjoy the the experience and the challenge of illustration. Both the exploration of the content and the manipulation of the medium. My work is constantly growing and changing, which reflects my personality and lifestyle. Much of my work is done in sketchbooks, while at coffee shops alongside my partner, Renata Liwska.” (Original painting, $500) 

robotleighton.jpgAaron Leighton’s work is based on an obsession with line and is inspired by elements such as graffiti, cartoons and tribal art. He uses both traditional and digital media and still enjoys the fact that despite what his grade 11 algebra teacher said, doodling in class did indeed pay off. (Digital print available $75. Edition of 10.) 



robotrenata.jpg Renata Liwska Visitors to UPPERCASE will be familiar with the children’s book “Nikolai the Only Bear” which was exhibited in the gallery in April 2005. Renata moved from her native Poland to Calgary in the 1990s. She added to the skills she developed at the School of Fine Arts in Warsaw by attending the Alberta College of Art & Design in Calgary. (Digital prints available, $120 each. Edition of 10.)  

robotsoliver.jpgPatricio Oliver lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a designer and illustrator.  Patricio teaches at Cosgaya Typography UBA. (Digital prints available, $120 each. Edition of 10.) 

robotsealock1.jpgrobotsealock.jpgRick Sealock’s list of clients is extensive and international. Known mostly for his editorial images, Sealock also has gained a following of advertising and publishing clients. His illustrations have won recognition from American Illustration, Communication Arts, the Society of Illustrators, Creativity magazine, Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles, Applied Arts magazine, the Society of Newspaper Design, the National Magazine Association of Canada, the Dallas Society of Illustrators, STEP Inside Design magazine and other entities. (Original paintings and frames, $850 each) 

robotearthula.jpgJanine Vangool is the owner of UPPERCASE gallery. She also operates her graphic design business, Vangool Design & Typography, from this space. Her illustration technique involves sourcing old advertising engravings and piecing them together into something new. (Digital print $120. Edition of 10.)