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Dear Readers,

Let your mind wander… from Seattle to Seoul, Philadelphia to Finland, the United States to the United Kingdom: we meet creative people and encounter inspired projects from around the globe.

An underlying theme of this issue’s content is about finding a sense of place, whether by documenting your spot in the world in a shoegazing self portrait or seeing how others have marked their places through thoughtful graffiti, photographs and sketches.

With a fondness for things of the past, we see old suitcases as muses and vintage luggage labels as typographic masterpieces. Silent film stars become our current crush. Summer treats like snow cones and milkshakes fill our stomachs and pretty images feed our spirits. Antique Airstreams and caravans whisk us off on creative adventures.

There’s much to discover in this issue of UPPERCASE magazine and we’re delighted you’re with us for the journey!

publisher, editor, designer´╗┐




Blog Beautiful: The blogs of Jennifer Causey by Gwen Shlichta
Postal Service: Creative and Curious Things
Creature: Animal Shelters by Glen Dresser, illustration by Jing Wei


Recommended Reading: Go South for Summer by Deidre Martin, illustration by Karen Klassen
Book: The Elegant Cockoach by Deidre Martin, illustrated by Stefanie Augustine
Book: The Suitcase Series: Camilla Engman


Sketchbook: Pietari Posti by Aaron Leighton
Portfolio: Debbie Powell by Alanna Cavanagh
Type: Typography for the People by Daniel & Klaus Bellon
Artisan: Bruce Jackson, Signwriter by Carolyn Fraser
Letters: City Love: photography by Dennis Matasovich
Collection: Vintage Luggage Labels by Regina Porter
Discover: Minimalism by Carey Jones
Profiles: Draw your Workspace
Abecedary: Signs and Signage by Janine Vangool


Colour Coding the Movies: Blue by Mark Hamilton, illustration by Andrew Bannecker
Crush: Buster vs. Charlie by Deidre Martin photos by Matthew Melis & Jenny K. Bauman
Film: Silent Films to Shout About! by Deidre Martin
Performance: Acting Silent by Julianne Harvey, photos by Kelsang Rinzing
Instrument: Dennis James by Glen Dresser
Tech: 4D New Dimensions in Film by Kai Sinclair
Talent: Allison Smith, professional telephone voice by Brendan Harrison


Stitch: The Darlingtonia Moccasin Company
Frugal & Fancy: Furniture by Mauricio Arruda
Studio: Ninainvorm by Anna Denise van der Reijden
The Work-in-Progress Society: Leah Giberson by Janine Vangool


Campers Plus Feature: Snail Trail Camper Rentals, Fresher than Fresh Snow Cones, Very Hush Hush, Tin Can Studio, Expeditionism
Ephemera: Trailer Travel
Covet: Vintage Photobooths by Andrea Jenkins
Recollection: Disks of Delight by Dan Shepelavy
Field Trip: Seoul Cafés by Irène Nam
Dynamic Duo: Molly Wizenberg & Brandon Pettit by Victoria Smith


Snapshot: Shoegazing Self Portraits by our Readers
How to: How to be a Shoegazer by Becky Van Bussel
Sweets: Milkshakes by Tara O’Brady
Vintage: Vintage Suitcases by Janine Vangool, photos by Cassia Beck
Souvenir: Draw you own Destination Labels