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Captain Kirk in Sweater Form


Knit him (and the Star Trek cast) and hold him close to your heart. 


Elemente Magazine


Here's a preview of The Shatner Show article in Elemente Magazine, available on Canadian newstands in May. 


Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo

expo.jpgThe Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo is happening this Sunday, April 29th at the Roundup Centre. Look for our ad in the event program and special Shatner Show postcards in the goodie bags. Glen and I will be there as well, wandering the 50,000 square feet with Shatner promos in tow.

The illustration featured in the ad is by Ryan Snook


Trek Movie

Thank you to John Tenuto for contacting us for an interview about our project. Mr. Tenuto is a college professor in Illinois and one of his classes is entitled "Social Problems: Star Trek Edition". He also writes for the independent website, where he has posted "ART thou Shatner".

While driving across Canada last summer, Glen and Janine listened to Has Been, being fans of the music of Ben Folds. In fact, they listened to it quite often. “It was in this repetition that I really began to appreciate Shatner’s personality as well as his long career. Especially his fearlessness in taking creative risks,” according to Janine. One of the most praised songs on the album is “It Hasn’t Happened Yet.” The song reveals the ennui of Shatner as a man unsatisfied by his success. Both Glen and Janine discuss this song as a favorite. Glen calls the song “a profound statement of discontent with his achievements, despite the fact that his achievements are so many. The discontent is a part of the person, and you get the sense that no amount of fame or success would change that.”


The website is launched

We are happy to let you know that The Shatner Show website is up! You can read about the show, preorder the book and become a "Send me the Bill" patron. Of course, we're not revealing all the artwork just yet (you can see Burckhardt, Fraser and Saunders images for now)... the grand reveal and book launch will happen for the opening of the show on June 15. Keep visiting the Captain's Blog for Shatner news and interviews with our artists. We will be posting teaser images here each week leading up to the show.



Many thanks to for mentioning our show in their "Shatner Roundup".


Shatner Fan Podcasts


Here's a link to a sometimes silly (lots of giggling!) but quite thorough blog and podcast series about all things Shatner.

The podcast where LT and JK, two geek babes, talk about Star Trek, science fiction, books, TV, the Internet, sex toys, and William Shatner's butt.

They have favourably mentioned The Shatner Show and discuss Zina Saunder's piece in particular. We look forward to being interviewed by them in the near future!


Printed in China



Hollywood Horse Show


A portion of all proceeds from The Shatner Show will go to The Hollywood Horse Show, a charity founded by William Shatner. It’s a charity that allows him to use his love and knowledge of horses and his status as a celebrity to raise money for several grass-roots charities that he believes strongly in. He was originally inspired to form the charity when he saw a program sponsored by Ahead With Horses, a therapeutic riding group for handicapped children; in this program, disabled children who had difficulty holding their head up were able to maneuver horses through intricate exercises. While the Hollywood Horse Show was originally conceived in 1990 as an event to raise money for the Ahead With Horses program, additional charities have since been added: Camp Max Strauss, which provides development activities for underprivileged children; and Tilden’s Children, an organization dedicated to providing assistance to homeless children and families. 


He's always been an inspiration...


More Star Trek inspirational posters here