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Featured Artist: Kendyl Lauzon

LauzonShatner.jpgQ: What was your creative process for this piece?
A: When I first entered the project, I had no idea what I was going to do. Instead of focusing on Shatner as a character, I wanted to look further into who he is as a person.What surprised me was his compassion towards animals and nature. I read an article about how he nearly began to weep while narrating a special about endangered species. Because the story was so touching, I couldn’t walk away from it. I now have much respect towards William Shatner as a person.

Q: What, if anything, was difficult about illustrating Shatner?
A: I wanted to stay away from any form of mockery against William Shatner as a person, although he has been so many interesting characters in his lifetime. I always find it more intriguing to look at what it is that people have on the inside rather than what is on the outside.

Kendyl recently graduated from the Alberta College of Art & Design. Her work is influenced by nature and inspired by childhood memories and personal experiences. She likes her illustrations to have an emotional context, but maintains a child-like quality that people can connect to. You can view more of her illustrations at


I dream of Shatner (high quality)

We have created a Shatner Show trailer! Thank you to my brother, Marc Vangool, for creating the music track, "I dream of Shatner." I have posted You Tube and Live Video versions below, but their compression tends to blur the images and text. Feel free to post these on your blogs and spread the word! Click on this link to see a high quality version.


I dream of Shatner


Feel the Love


Featured Artist: Jackie Bagley

Do you have any favorite memories or anecdotes about Shatner?
Last year, I worked as an Assistant Art Director on a made for TV movie - Everest!  - a true account of our 1982 Canadian Mount Everest team, the first Canadians that reached the summit. William Shatner played a journalist. Since we are all Shatner fans in the art department, I made sure to be on set to capture my own firsthand view of the "Canadian Icon" that we are all so proud of. Mr. Shatner has a presence that fills the room and the space around him. He commands attention, and maintains a steady sense of humour. He also had an uncanny way of keeping me in his peripheral. I'm sure he sensed my intense stares, wanting to take him all in. For this reason, this piece shows him with ferns for hair — a true thespian (a reference to his "shakespeare days"). The tap and plumbing pipes that lead up to his head nourish the ferns. The source is unknown — likely  a gift he was born with — or perhaps Mr. Shatner can divulge some influences that led to his rich career?
What, if anything, was difficult about illustrating Shatner?
Good reference / Picking an age: I had an autographed photo from the movie to use as a reference, but there just wasn't enough information to create a 3D version. I supplemented this with a number of internet images, all at different ages — for some reason, he looks very  different at each stage of his life... a constant change in looks. This confused me at first and I actually took my first piece apart and started all over. I would love to be able to some day have Mr. Shatner sit for me in person, so that I can sculpt him in real life — I'll have his grandiose presence and the full information of the real thing to start from... now that would be a great process. And a very great honour!


Calgary event: Dragonfly

Dragonfly_poster2007.jpgOpening this week in Calgary, is a "comic book dance theatre" production called Dragonfly. Looking for the Shatner connection? Co-writer Ken Cameron emailed to tell UPPERCASE, "I went to school at McGill University, and started my theatre career at Players' Theater, in the William Shatner Building, where Bill himself started out."

"We are performing at the Big Secret Theatre from May 9-19.  The play is called Dragonfly, Episode IV: Identity and it features two superheroes of our own invention in a Super-heroic love story. When we did a small-scale workshop production at the Edmonton and Calgary Fringe Theatre Festivals audiences were leaving the theatre mock-fighting in imitation of the show's climatic rooftop-battle finale. That seems to me to be the highest praise geeks like us could ask for.  Plus the critics gave it four stars (out of more than 110 plays at the festival)."

Tickets are less than $15 and available at 263-0079. For more info about the production, go to


Packaging teasers


Great artwork lies within! 


A study in patience

If William Shatner ever wants to sign The Shatner Show book, he can sign it wherever he wants!

Interior Design: 24th Century


Let fiction become reality: update your space with 24th century style. 


Cut it out


Cheap entertainment with Kirk and Spock. (Make your own Captain Kirk paper doll.)