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Featured Artist: Kyle Reed


How has Shatner influenced your life or your artwork? Whatever, whenever, wherever, Shatner takes off the cuff-links, rolls up his sleeves and delivers both barrels. I hope to deliver both barrels too one day.

Who's your favourite Shatner character? Shatner is my favourite Shatner character. To be Shatner may be too much for the common man who isn't used to being Shatner.

Why is Shatner culturally important / relevant? Charisma and bravado. How will the leaders of tomorrow learn these important qualities without a strong mentor? Shatner is that mentor.

What was your creative process for this piece? See Shatner. Feel Shatner. Draw Shatner.

What, if anything, was difficult about illustrating Shatner? During a break from working on the illustration I leaned over to pick up a mug of coffee. When I sat back up my field of vision was filled with criss-crossing stars and I felt like I was about to pass out. I don't think it has anything to do with Shatner. It may be a health problem. It stopped after a minute so everything must be okay now.

Click here for details about Kyle's artwork.


Shatner on saving the planet


In the headlines

Click here to view the CBC piece.

The current CBC Arts & Entertainment headlines are as follows:

Prince William, ex-girlfriend together again?
Larry King lands Paris Hilton interview
Calgary gallery finds space for William Shatner
Key Harry Potter roles up for grabs 


Boston Legal fan site

Thanks to Dana for posting about our show on their home page. We should try to get LEGO Denny Crane on the show!


LEGO Shatner's Journey

Sean Kenney is a professional LEGO artist based in New York. His contribution to The Shatner Show is outstanding and beyond what we could have imagined. His William Shatner as Denny Crane has a place of honour at the front of the gallery, rotating steadily in the window to lure folks into the gallery. We were thrilled that he came to Calgary for the opening party. Sean showed off his talents in the spoken word karaoke contest, winning second prize for his performance of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. 

Below is a chronicle of LEGO Shatner's journey to the gallery and a bit about Sean's process. 


How has Shatner influenced your life of your artwork?
As an actor, William Shatner has a great sense of humor about himself  and his work.  I, too, try to adopt a similar attitude due to the  offbeat nature of my work. Life is too short to take yourself too  seriously; only by being able to laugh at yourself can you hope to  make others smile also.

Who's your favorite Shatner character? Alternatively, if you could  be any Shatner character, who would it be?
I adore William Shatner's character "Denny Crane" from the TV show  "Boston Legal".  The character he portrays has an irreverence and  playfulness that embraces the public's view of Shatner yet  simultaniously remains fictional and entirely non-Shatner.  There are  few actors that have the following and the ability to do this. It  is for this reason that I've chosen to portray Shatner as Denny  Crane, whom I feel is his most three-dimensional character role yet.


Why is Shatner culturally important / relevant?
William Shatner's presence in everything he does somehow removes the glittery plastic coating that the media normally glosses onto Hollywood. After surviving a typecast that would have otherwise  smothered a weaker personality, he has emerged defiantly proud, and  rightfully amused at the world of celebrities that he regardlessly  inhabits. Many can learn from him if they, too, learn to laugh at  themselves and their world.

What was your creative process for this piece?
Creating a human figure out of little rectangular bricks is always a  fun challenge. After "getting into his shoes" by reading and  watching as much William Shatner as possible, I created several drawings on special "LEGO-scaled" graph paper. Using the graph paper as a guide, I created prototypes of Shatner's face at different  scales, with different expressions, and as cross sections from many  angles. LEGO itself begins to produce a caricature automatically,  so I finessed this into what you now see, using the prototypes and  drawings as a guide.


What, if anything, was difficult about illustrating Shatner?
William Shatner is best defined by his personality, his attitude, and  his acting... not by his nose, chin or ears. It was challenging to get his personality to come through in a medium that is otherwise often very restrictive and literal. I believe I succeeded in this and hopefully viewers can see his personality emerging from those  simple little plastic blocks.


Sean Kenney's Shatners are on view at the gallery until August 31. They are available for purchase and more information can be found on The Shatner Show website or by contacting the gallery at 403-283-5318. 


National TV

There's a really good piece by reporter Andree Lau about The Shatner Show on CBC's Saturday Report. It airs today at 3pm, 7pm and 10pm MT on CBC Newsworld.


A few recent mentions

SFX magazine from the UK

SF Scope, the source for news about speculative fiction

Jan at Poppytalk mentions the show


And at the Veer Ideas blog

Thank you! 


More party pics


Thank you to Ian for these great shots.




The Shatner Show website is now showing all works from the exhibition. The artworks are available for sale — just click on the email link below the artwork and let us know which ones you are interested in. We will confirm availability and you may pay by credit card over the phone or via paypal. In addition to all the great artwork, the book contains an essay entitled "A Man Who Needs No Introduction" by Glen Dresser, interviews with the artists and Shatner quotes on his life and career.

A portion of all sales benefit Shatner's charity of choice, one he founded about a dozen years ago. 

Congratulations to Zina Saunders: Mr. Shatner chose her poignant backstage portrait as our gift to him. Zina works digitally, so an edition of 12 archival digital prints was produced.


Out of this world

The Shatner Show is here! The opening night party was full of fun-loving Shatner enthusiasts of all variety. We were honoured to have many artists in attendance. Thank you to Doug and Carole at The Palette, to Cam Harbidge for the theremin performance and to the folks dressed in costume. Thank you to my family and friends who volunteered to help out with all the details of the night.

Thank you to Liza and Jaimie for the great pictures posted below. If you took photos, please send them in and we'll post them here.





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