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Stewie does the Rocketman

Ok, you've probably seen this one before, but it's so good.



Featured Artist: Justin Gabbard


What was your inspiration for this piece? Why "Kingdom of the Spiders"?
I had just been out of the city in a rural area and as I looked around it seemed that the whole town was reflecting popular culture from ten years ago, and it had taken that long for the trends to spread to this remote area. My inspiration reflected that idea of a 1970s camp-horror film showing up in remote Latin America some time later.

Have you seen "Kingdom of the Spiders" and, if so, why did it leave a lasting impression?
"Kingdom of the Spiders" is one of my favorite films from the "Man vs Nature" genre of camp and horror films of the 1970s. Shatner's role is great as the veterinarian living in the shadow of his late brother. Shatner's reactions when covered in a mound of seemingly real tarantulas is truly horrifying, and that gives me the willies!

Why do you think Shatner is a cultural icon?
When I was invited to participate in the Shatner Show at the Uppercase Gallery, I was immediately drawn to the icon that is William Shatner. Full of pomp and bravado, Shatner has endured quite a bit of criticism in his career and yet he still keeps acting and directing. I feel like he really enjoys what he does and that is heartening.

Click here for details about Justin's artwork.


Shatner looks for spiders

See Kingdom of the Spiders this Sunday at 2pm in the Palette. Vintage 1977. I guarantee that it'll be just as bad as this:


Shatner looks for whales


Kendyl Lauzon's Shatner whales


Kendyl Lauzon's signed archival prints are available for only $100. All art/book purchases made until July 15 are eligible for the draw of an autographed Shatner Show book.




Thank you to the ArtLand crew for making a stop at UPPERCASE. We're honoured to be included in your show! Visit for a clip from this show that documents art and architecture across North America. (The second season of this series begins October 4, with the Calgary/Vancouver/Anchorage episode airing sometime in November.)


Urban Outfitters

There's a really interesting blog courtesy the folks of Urban Outfitters... they've included our Shatner Show amongst many great links. I love the horizontal scrolling to see all the various blog "locations." (Permalink)


It's a Shatner Stampede!

Have you had your eye on a Shatner piece and The Shatner Show book? Make a Shatner Show purchase during the Calgary Stampede (July 5-15) and your name will be entered into a draw for a SIGNED book. Yes, signed by William Shatner! He has touched the book! If you purchase art today (First Thursday), we'll triple your chances and put your name in three times! If you're out of town, email or call us and your purchases will also count towards the draw.
in the Palette Coffeehouse, upper level of Art Central. Movies are free with purchase of a drink or food from the Palette. Escape from the heat/crowds/rain and spend some quality time with our man Shatner.

July 8: Classic Star Trek marathon starting at noon
Captain Kirk in all his glory.

July 15: Kingdom of the Spiders starting at 2pm
Investigating the mysterious deaths of a number of farm animals, vet Rack Hansen (Shatner) discovers that his town lies in the path of hoards of migrating tarantulas. Before he can take action, the streets are overrun by killer spiders, trapping a small group of towns folk in a remote hotel. (1977) Followed up by some classic TJ Hooker.

Happy Canada Day

This happy Canadian Shatner is by Alexander Perkins

Check out the Saturday, June 30 edition of Canada's National Post newspaper for an article about the show.

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