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Did you jump on the hood?


The best table in the house

vegas.jpgWe're going to Vegas!

Actually, The Shatner Show books will be represented at the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention (August 9-12) by Roddenberry Productions! I have never attended a convention, but I think it is safe to assume that to be associated with the Roddenberry table (Gene Roddenberry was the creator of Star Trek) is pretty much the best place to be.

Thank you to the folks at Roddenberry Productions for giving our book a chance. Thank you to the kind people at for creating this connection. Everyone associated with Star Trek and William Shatner, whether they're fans or in the industry, have been incredibly enthusiastic, helpful and generous in providing media coverage, tips, contacts and advice. Thank you!

If you're attending the convention (or know someone who is) and manage to get pictures of our books at the Roddenberry booth (or better yet, Mr. Shatner signing one of our books!) please email us and we'll post it in our Captain's Blog. We'll reward you with a special gift.


Star Trek dot com

We're happy to be part of the website this month: they're doing a book giveaway promotion and mention us here. Welcome to all the new people directed to The Shatner Show from the website!


Fashion advice, anyone?


Busy Bill


Featured Artist: Courtney Wotherspoon

How has Shatner influenced your life or your artwork?
Other than the fact that it is his voice that plays the role of conscience, he hasn’t.

Do you have any favorite memories or anecdotes about Shatner?
My father can fall asleep anywhere at any time. I would often find him in front of the couch, snoring away, while Kirk and the crew saved the planet unbeknownst to him.  As I would have rather watched Saved by the Bell, I grabbed for the remote…It’s amazing the anger that could spew forth from this near-comatose man as soon as Shatner was no longer narrating his dreams.  Without fail, I would apologize, begrudgingly leave it on Star Trek, and he would beam back into a peaceful slumber.

Who’s your favorite Shatner character?
His voice; so distinct and unique to him, but yet so common, universal, unforced…it manages to be a character in and of itself.  One need not see Shatner at all, but only hear the voice to know the man.

Why is Shatner culturally important/relevant?
William Shatner, throughout his career, has managed to be an everyman and a demi-god in the same breath. He celebrates his commonality by being human, making an ass of himself, trying anything at all; in doing so he breaks down the barrier between superstars and paupers. We common people feel as if we could almost touch him, know him, have him record our outgoing voicemail message. (If only his publicist would return my calls…)

What was your creative process for this piece?
I’ve tried to go beyond the man in the Enterprise uniform, the 3-piece suit, behind the police badge, and focus on the common man; to celebrate what makes him human, quirks, quarks and all.

More information about purchasing Courtney's Shatner here.

Visit Courtney's website here.  


He keeps going, and going, and going...

If they ever retire the Energizer bunny, they can replace him with William Shatner:

"There are a lot of things going on. I've got a new series of Star Trek books coming out by a young Captain Kirk - a teenaged Kirk and Mr. Spock - and the first one will be out in October. I've got a new album, which is an oratorical on Exodus, new classical music with 250 voices, coming out in October. And then there's the potential of a talk show next season, and then of course Boston Legal is starting in a couple of weeks, and there's also a DVD of a ballet that was done on six numbers that I co-wrote with Ben Folds and the Milwaukee Ballet... so there's lots of stuff."

Read more from this article here.

After a recent career path that's taken him from Web pitchman to primetime Emmy winner, William Shatner has been signed to host a celebrity-interview show on the Biography Channel.

Read more about his talk show here.

Once again the Boston Legal star contends in the "Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series" category, in the Emmy nominations announced this morning. Shatner has won twice as "Denny Crane," the first time as a guest actor in The Practice and then the following year as supporting actor in Legal. He lost the supporting category last year to Alan Alda. This is Shatner's fifth Emmy nomination overall, having been tapped once for 3rd Rock from the Sun.

Congratulations, Mr. Shatner. 


Featured Artist: Zina Saunders

Zina Saunder's poignant portrait of William Shatner backstage has been our best-seller thus far. There are only two prints of the edition of twelve left. This piece was selected by William Shatner as our thank you gift to him. Signed, framed prints are $200, unframed are $150 plus shipping.


What was your creative process for this piece?
I decided to convey how lonely it must be for him at the top.

What, if anything, was difficult about illustrating Shatner?
Nothing was difficult about painting was a pleasure, start to finish.

Zina Saunders has been a writer-illustrator for 15 years. In addition to contributions in a variety of magazines (The New York Times Sunday Book Review, Time Out New York, D magazine, Outre magazine), her client list includes Simon & Schuster, Random House, Scholastic, Oxford University Press, Nickelodeon, and Fisher Price.

In June 2005, her focus shifted from general illustration to reportage illustration, when she wrote a story for Time Out New York magazine about the Puerto Rico Schwinn Club, an outgrowth of Overlooked New York, her collection of portraits and verbatim interviews with impassioned New Yorkers.

Since 2005, she has continued chronicling the passions and perspectives of ordinary people, adding nearly 100 profiles to Overlooked New York (

norm.jpgZina is the daughter of pulp magazine artist Norman Saunders, who painted some of the most popular bubblegum cards from the 60’s and 70’s, including Mars Attacks, Batman, and Wacky Packages. As a child, she got her first taste of being a professional illustrator when she would “correct” her father’s paintings, when he was away from his drawing board. Many an eyelash on Norm Saunders’ damsels in distress was painted by a nine-year-old Zina.

Zina lives and works in New York City, where she grew up and attended Music and Art High School and The Cooper Union. She left Manhattan in her 20’s to be a levitating lady with a traveling circus in upstate New York, but eventually returned to her senses and her beloved city.

If you’re interested in knowing more, in addition to her website, she maintains a blog on Drawger that features her works-in-progress and outside projects. 


Postcard campaign

The Bring Back Kirk website is calling for you to participate in a Postcard Push.

Letter-Writing is the crux of what the Bring Back Kirk movement is all about, for it is pretty much the only way we, as a group, can convince Paramount that bringing back Jim Kirk is in their best interests. Each letter represents, approximately, 1,000 customers. So, yes, your letters do make a difference!

On a recent Shatnervision segment, Shatner reveals that Leonard Nimoy has been asked to appear in the new Star Trek movie, but he had not been included in the script. We must join forces and Bring Back Kirk!


Bring back Kirk!

The amount of effort that fans will go to is out of this world.