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And, the Typeface

September, 2009


The ampersand is one of the best-loved characters in the written world and — while there are all manners of lettersets and glyphs available — there's no such representation for the ampersand. So, designer, blogger and font savant Margot Harrington sat down and found 26 designer and artist friends to help her out. Thus the birth of And, the Typeface, the first ever font comprised entirely of ampersands. Coming soon to a website near you, the typeface will be available for download. The show is a series of posters by the participants.

List of Participants:

Chad Kouri
Chris Piascik
Cody Hudson
Dara DiLiegro
Darren Booth
Eric Ellis
James Gulliver Hancock
Janno Hahn
Jesse Hora
John Krohn
Kate Bingaman-Burt
Laura Etheridge
Sighn (Matt Hoffman)
Michael Renaud
Margot Harrington
Niel Summerour
Ryan Kapp
Sarah Watts
Sophie Henson
Stephen Gose
Tad Carpenter
Janine Vangool/UPPERCASE
Vaughn Fender
Will Bryant
Will Miller